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Iran Foreign Minister is firm to mean on the 15th in the man, Iran nuclear problem wasn't likely to reach end agreement before negotiating an expiration date for November 24.Islam republic correspondent in Iran cites on that day firm inside the words of the man say, even if Iran and Yi nuclear problem six countries(the United States, England, France, Russia, China and Germany) worked out a frame to negotiate before expiration date and negotiated of the concrete detail also takes more time negotiates.Is firm to also reveal in the man, the everyone is in the process of negotiating in very careful, but negotiation have already made nike free run 3 chaussuressome progresses.Iran's tallest leader admires Yi inside the plum on the 13th conversation to judge to mean pessimism.He says that the United States from negotiation stepped up sanctions against Iran, express a larger hostility, and the direct negotiation of the United States is to"is harmful not beneficial" in Iran.Iran and Yi nuclear problem six countries reach agreement in Geneva in November, last year, engagement in 6 months, Iran stops the pit activity of part sensitive with exchange west and ease as to it's economic sanctions, the everyone reaches meanwhile an overall solution Yi nuclear problem of the agreement carry on a negotiation.Up to July 20 this year, six countries and Iran carried on six negotiations, but could not reach to negotiate completely, the everyone decides to negotiate term to prolong for 4 months.Is new China net Copenhagen August 1

Give or get an electric shock(reporter stone life river Wu Po) NATO general secretary to pull Si Mu on the 5th the Sen is in Copenhagen and prime minister He Lei in Denmark on the 15th ·give rather-Shi Mi especially and Minister of Defense Ni the thou pull ·the tile door hold talks respectively and discuss the subjects like NATO summit,etc convening Ukraine situation and next month.NATO summit will at the beginning of next month at English national prestige Er the private hold.Pull Si Mu Sen say, the summit will particularly pay attention to NATO should to the preparing of threat ability, the everyone will pass a "prepare an activity plan" with the exaltation should to the speed and the vivid.Pull Si Mu Sen to appeal the country enlargement of each member of NATO's devotion for the safety and the national defense.He says:"The safety want to get the best guarantee like the insurance, asics gel noosa tri 8 femmehave to pay an insurance fee."This time interview is to pull the trip of farewell of the Sen of Si Mu, he visited Iceland and Norway before now.Prime minister Si gives the Er Teng shell space to take over to pull Si Mu Sen to serve as NATO general secretary on October 1 this year before Norway.Report according to Han Lian She's August 12, recently, Japanese the domestic aim at Korean's hostility speech and anti- demonstration to increase day by day;With as for United Nations gets rid of racial discrimination committee to ask Japanese government to hand in to implementing of get rid of an international convention of the whole form racial discrimination  circumstance.On the 11-29th of this month, committee

Will deliberate whether this behavior in Japan belongs to racial discrimination.Medium new agency United Nations give or get an electric shock World Health Organization to warn on the 15th on August 15, Ai Bo in Western Africa's pulling an epidemic situation is underrated, explosion of scope probably compare before conceive of want greatly and get much.The epidemic situation notification of WHO in the same day announcement suggests that the death toll has already risen to 1145 people.WHO spokesman the Gu Sa Rui Wei Be strange to mean on that day, respond and have the evidence enunciation case and the death toll"much lower than the actual circumstance" of the report according to the medical staff member of epidemic area.The Gu Sa nike free run 2 femmeRui Wei is strange to call an epidemic area of"existing hasn't been confirmed of spread a chain".He says that when the medical brigade left treatment center to go to a village region their along the road's discovering is been infected of person.The medical personnel is making an effort to look for currently more of fall ill.Notify according to WHO, up to the 15th, the guinea, Liberia and Lagos and Sierra Leone are four to is national to report 2127 cases, 1145 among those people die.Medium new net Torondo give or get an electric shock(reporter slowly Chang-an) two history of a wars in Asia, Canada to actually support on August 15 meeting(brief name history Wei will) August 15 local time released news to say, before now a day namely on August 14 the second international anniversary to"comfort woman" on that day, the organization

expect a meeting for two day

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Body mastermind meeting up announce to talk, appeal the natural resources originally enriching inside the district full development and exploitation.The Mu adds the 34th southern total body summit that the shell opens on that very day up take over card in the president Mu tower in Malawi, become southern total body new appointee to take turns a chairman.The Mu adds a shell to say and owns an abundant natural resources inside the region that southern total body overalies, should carry on full development and exploitation and increases a product affixture value thus.Mu adds a shell and says, "the southern total body should abandon and only export the form of the original material, look for and build up additional value industry chain and process original material into finished product re-export".In order to expect a meeting for two day to hold in the Victoria waterfalls city of nike roshe run hyperfuseZimbabwe current, the topic is southern total body economy to transform strategy.The virtuous Lu that is Syria British ex- to halt ambassador Anne ·grillage said, because the west doesn't understand a complicated circumstance in Middle East, it makes situation even worse to the intervention of the region, is extremely not likely to carry out the democracy of western type in Middle East region.Today Egyptian report  reports to say, everyday tele-communications report  in England published on the 16th of this month British ex- halt Syria ambassador Anne virtuous Lu ·the article of grillage.The Anne virtuous Lu said that"situation in Middle East is more and more disorderly and dangerous currently, the spring of Arabia national people at the beginning of enthusiasm is false, this

Making revolution head for is confusion, time proves that the democracy is solution not extremely complicated of Arabia is social, while the intervention of west makes the situation there encounter more.The intervention of ""the spring of Arabia fails of main reason is, the democracy of west cuts off impossibly to achieve success in Middle East" Anne the virtuous Lu specially point out, " west of so fail, is because the western big country doesn't know that management in Middle East nation inner part is how to operate of, caused for this disaster result.In this aspect, Iraq is the most outstanding example."He means:"My objection launched Iraqi war in those early years, this isn't that I supported Saddam, I was to worry Saddam later ruler more bad, is this, I once nike free tr fit 3 pas chermeant to invade Iraq to will break the stability of gulf region before Iraqi war, now of realistic prove my to worry to is right."The Anne virtuous Lu still says:"The western big country should accept historical precept and hard consider the internal circumstance of Middle East nation, can not make more mistakes again, because Middle East region day by day serious disorder to the peace of the world and in the future constitute real but reality of threat."(Anne country chapter)win a new agency Si tower the Na give or get an electric shock comprehensive news on August 17:Ukraine military authority confirms on the 17th, be

A rice space to Ukraine air force in the sky 29 fighter jets be shotted down by the civil armed personnel, the airplane pilot bails out to flee for life.Report according to independent correspondent in Ukraine, black"anti-terrorism activity" in command of department spokesman Ma Qiu Xin reveal to call, the airplane that is shotted down that very day morning to civil armed the strength carried on air stroke and as to it's resulted in to kill wound in great quantities.Later on, the machine at return sail on the way be shotted down by the civil armed personnel.The airplane pilot plays to project cabin, behind be found out by the soldier search and rescue personnel of government and send to a safe region.This battleplane that isn't civil to bear arms strength to shot down black government for the very first time.On the 7th of this month, the civil armed personnel has already shotted down a rice space of government soldier 29 fighter jets.On the 23th of last month, the black government soldier had another two Sus 25 attack machine at Nie Ci gram state drive folks armed shot down.Spread a tele-communications agency to report according to the new balance 420 online shopinternational text, civil"Nie Ci gram people's republic""press department" of establishment bearing arms strength released news to say and carried on on that very day of an and handing over of government soldier fire in, the civil armed personnel shot ruined include 2 tanks at inside of black government soldier 32 for use by the military vehicles and exterminated 30 non-commissioned officer soldiers of government.Racial discrimination problem, it may be said"Wan disease" of American society.On the 16th, St. Louis, Missouri, the United States

The native son is living

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Reach agreement progress, already distinguish with more than ten national minority armed the realization cease fire.Currently, Burma government is fighting for to sign whole country with all armed organizations to cease fire agreement, then carries on political to have a conversation, fight for realization to hold out for long time peace.(Reporter, Zhang Yun, flies)British central bank go a long mark ·card Ni say on the 17th, the road of British economy recovery has already gone into a half distance currently.Though British economy increases of the foundation make stronger day by day,its risk and challenge still can not neglect.The card Ni releases "prospect monetary policy" one anniversary moment in British central bank and accepted the interview ofon Sunday Times  .He says that is British the economic growth power head just keep on, increase a step gradually nike roshe run vendresolid.At past few quarters degree in, British economy increases all soon and matches even to just a little exceed a central bank to expect.However he also warns, the economic prospect is still full of a challenge, such as British family fall into debt the level lead Gao, England biggest trading partner the euro area is economic weak etc., all probably cause economy recovery's terminating.In the quarter degree inflation report that formerly releases, British central bank raised this year and next British economy to increase soon expect, from here ex- anticipate of 3.4% and 2.9%, rises to 3.5% and 3.0%.The central bank still anticipates British jobless rate

Will decline to below 6% by the end of this year.In new agency Peking give or get an electric shock news in Pyongyang on August 17:Korea announces "people soldier general staff the spokesman declare" on the 17th and again rebukes Han Mei the consociation military exercise"B pays free bodyguard", and call not to expel the possibility of gaining the initiative by striking first the stroke.Report according to the agency in dynasty, Korean people soldier general staff spokesman mean on the 17th, Korean troops have already readied to unite a soldier to play to give "is the strongest of preemptive stroke" to Han Mei.This spokesman says in the pronouncement, Han Mei will soon hold of"B pays free bodyguard" unite the soldier play according to the United nike free run 3 femmeStates to toward regarding with hostility the north of policy establishment to invade war drill.Han Mei to dynasty drill"periodically turn", exposed the greed that it tries to overturn Korean system and carry on "absorb unified".The pronouncement said that since Han Mei will suppress strategy to apply "true war" and declare war to Korea with this, Korea will again clarify, "will the anytime carrying out of the party in government fresh choice is the most powerful, more first one-step of preemptive stroke".The Sao that one black youth in the Fu space Sen region in Si City, St. Louis, Missouri, the United States is killed police with gun by to cause continuously ferments indiscriminately.Governor's hero Yi in Missouri ·the Ni gram loosen to declare a Fu space on the 16th the Sen gets into tightly

Hasty status, the midnight goes to impose curfew to the region at 5:00 a.m. on the 17th from the 16th.American police says on the dawn of the 17th that though carried out curfew, curfew the period still have about 150 gathering's Si suburb in St. Louis of demonstrators and emit heavy rain to carry on a protest, the police was forced to use smoke-screen bomb.Report according to American medium, 7 demonstrators because of refusing withdraw is arrested.The 18 years old black youth exceeds a gram of Er ·Brown is shot to die on the 9th of this month.The police and witnesses contain controversy to the process that the shooting asics gel noosa tri 8 chaussurestakes place.There is witness that say, Brown on that afternoon the same friend when the Fu space Sen street north bound walks, drive a white man police connects shot few gun death.Brown didn't take weapon at that time, and raised hands.But Si county police of St. Louis says on the 10th, Brown attackstones a police with another one person, one among those persons stretch hand the gun of robbing the police while being pushed forward a car.Brown drive kill the affairs causes a protest activity in the Fu space Sen regionwith gun, and turn into Sao later on disorderly, cause local residents and police's seriously standing opposite.Some cities including Washington and New York etc. also appeared a protest activity.The south Africa develops a common body(southern total body) new appointee take turns a chairman, Zimbabwe's president Mu to add a shell on the 17th in the south total

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